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Spinal cord tumor symptoms include pain, sensory changes, and motor problems. The first test to diagnose brain and spinal column tumors is a neurological examination. Special imaging techniques (computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography) are also employed. Laboratory tests include the EEG and the spinal tap. A biopsy, a surgical procedure in which a sample of tissue is taken from a suspected tumor, helps doctors diagnose the type of tumor.

Surgical Procedures for Spinal Tumors

Brain TumorDepending on the type of spinal tumor and its location, surgery may include one or more of the following procedures:

Decompression: Remove the tumor, bone, and other tissuescompressing the spinal cord and / or spinal nerve roots.

Spinal Stabilization: Your spine can become unstable after part of the bone or other tissues (e.g., intervertebral discs) are taken out. An unstable spine can move in abnormal ways, putting you more at risk for serious neurological injury. In this case, the surgeon will want to stabilize your spine by using instrumentation and fusion.

In spine stabilization by fusion, the surgeon creates an environment where the bones in your spine will fuse together over time (usually over several months or longer). The surgeon uses a bone graft (usually using bone from your own body, but it’s possible to use donor bone as well) or a biological substance (which will stimulate bone growth).

Your surgeon may use spinal instrumentation-wires, cables, screws, rods, and plates-to increase stability as the bones fuse. The fusion will stop movement between the vertebrae, providing long-term stability.

Combination: You may need to have both a decompression and spinal stabilization. Decompression and stabilization spine surgeries may be performed as a minimally invasive procedure or by using a more traditional open approach (longer incision, longer recovery time).

Kyphoplasty or Vertebroplasty: These are similar minimally invasive surgical procedures performed to stabilize a fractured vertebra. Spinal tumors that invade vertebrae may cause it to break and can cause severe pain.

Kyphoplasty uses a special orthopaedic balloon. It’s inserted into the fractured vertebra. Then, the balloon is inflated in an effort to return the vertebra to the correct height and position. The balloon creates a void-a hole-in your vertebra, and it’s then removed. The void is filled in with a surgical cement that should support the vertebra and keep it from fracturing again.

Vertebroplasty does not use a balloon, but it does involve injecting surgical cement into the vertebral body. Both procedures provide immediate fracture stabilization.

Radiosurgery (CyberKnife): This is a non-invasive procedure using precisely targeted radiation to treat certain spine tumors . Radiosurgery can help remove tumors using a high-dose of radiation and various options are Cyberknife, Novalis TX and Gamma Knife.

For a tumor that can be removed without unacceptable risk of neurological damage, surgery to remove as much tumor as possible is usually the first step in treatment. Some tumors may be inaccessible or inoperable tumor because of the risk of severe nervous system damage.

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