Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer at World Class Hospitals in India

A boon for Prostate Cancer patients – Advanced Robotic Prostate Surgery is now preferred choice for Prostate Cancer patients due to following Unmatched advantages.

  • Minimal Bleeding
  • Much quicker recovery
  • Reduced hospital stay
  • Lesser pain killer requirements
  • Lower blood transfusion rates
  • Improved preservation of physical appearance
  • Three (3) D vision enables surgeon to perform Prostate excision with Cancer
  • Control without risk of Post Surgery Continence (control over urinary and fecal discharge) and causing Impotency
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What is Da Vinci master slave Robotic System?

Da Vinci master slave robotic system is used to completely eradicate cancer with minimal side effects for treating Prostate Cancer. Through this system a minimally invasive robot assisted radical prostatectomy technique has been developed in which doctors evolved a unique sequence of surgical steps.

The Da Vinci is a sophisticated master-slave robot that incorporates 3-D high definition visualisation, scaling of movement, and wristed instrumentation.

The operations with the Da Vinci System are performed with no direct mechanical connection between the surgeon and the patient. The surgeon is working a few feet away from the operating table, while seated at a computer console with a three-dimensional view of the operating field.

Unbeatable Advantages of Robotic Prostate Surgery over the Conventional Prostate Cancer Surgery

Usually in conventional approach, surgeons make decisions using tactile and visual cues to identify a phenomenon, which is actually microscopic which is likely to damage nerves or to leave cancer behind. In the Advanced Robotic Technique (ART) surgeons uses a sophisticated mastr slave robot that incorporates 3-D high definition vision, scaling of movement and wristed instrumentation that gives him the ability to perform Prostate excision with minimal risk of leaving the cancer behind and also minimal bleeding and post operative risk of incontinence and impotence.

Neither clinical nor imaging tests are sensitive enough to capture a tumour at T3 stage where it has become locally advanced and a risk for spreading to other body parts. Sometimes it is difficult for surgeons to find a precise plane between the cancer and urinary sphincter or the nerves and err on the side of cancer safety leading to incontinence or Impotence Da vinci robot system minimizes side effects thereby greater control for the patient over urinary discharge i.e. continence and return to normal sexual function after the surgery.

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