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Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) at World Class Hospitals in India

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IMRT involves varying the intensity of the radiation, being used as therapy for cancer. It is a new form of radiation therapy that uses computer-generated images to plan and then deliver more focused and accurate radiation beams to cancerous tumors than is possible with conventional radiotherapy. With this capability, clinicians can deliver a precise radiation dose that conforms to the shape of the tumor, while significantly reducing the amount of radiation to surrounding healthy tissues. Consequently, the technique can increase the rate of tumor control while significantly reducing adverse side effects.

A medical linear accelerator generates the photons, or x-rays, used in IMRT. The machine is the size of a small car-approximately 10 feet high and 15 feet long. The patient lies on the treatment table, while the linear accelerator delivers multiple beams of radiation to the tumor from various directions. The intensity of each beam’s radiation dose is dynamically varied according to treatment plan.Request a Call BackRequest a Call Back

How is the procedure performed?

World Class Medical TreatmentIMRT is an aggressive therapy that requires multiple or fractionated treatment sessions. Several factors come into play when determining the total number of IMRT sessions and radiation dose. The oncologist considers the type, location and size of the malignant tumor, as well as the patient’s health. Typically, patients are scheduled for IMRT sessions five days a week for six to ten weeks.

At the beginning of the treatment session, the therapist positions the patient on the treatment table, guided by the marks on the skin defining the treatment area. If molded devices were made, they will be used to help the patient maintain the proper position. The patient may be repositioned during the procedure. Treatment sessions usually take between 15 and 30 minutes. Post a QueryRefer a Patient

Advantages of IMRT Treatment

IMRT offers the potential advantage of dose escalation without a corresponding increase in radiotherapy-associated toxicity to surrounding tissue. Several potential advantages of IMRT over conventional radiotherapy include greater latitude for dose escalation which may lead to improved local control and cure, the ability to deliver differential dose rates, a possible reduction in acute and late radiation toxicity, the potential to approach any complex problem regardless of shape, and the scope for the use of low doses of radiation to elevate doses to appropriate levels.Post a QueryPost a Query

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